ARCS Foundation advances science and technology in the United States by providing financial awards to academically outstanding U.S. citizens studying to complete degrees in science, engineering and medical research. The Oregon chapter holds an Einstein luncheon every year to further fundraising efforts. 
This is a trifold invitation for the 2019 event with the long blue and white section as the inside reveal. Since each year the event and content is very similar, I felt the organization could save a lot of money by retaining the same structure for all pieces including the invite, the program, the posters and annual report. The only thing that changes year to year is the content and theme––but the layout won't change. Every year, I create a new Einstein portrait in a different style. This freshens up every event drastically without having to redesign all pieces. I've created a one color circular stamp that will be used to tie together all projects as either a red or white stamp or as a watermark. This will also be carried into future years as a constant element and the color stamp can change each year to accompany the new portrait and create a new and fresh feel for the longterm supporters of
this foundation. 
Some elements of this are done by hand and some digitally. The idea is to bring more of a human touch to the design that blends into a very abstract digital surrounding...the meeting of humanity and science. Please see the last picture on this page for a close up of the spot gloss treatment.

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