I studied Visual Communications at UC Davis, and I have been a creative professional ever since. I have a vast background in all things creative and solution driven, and over the past 17 years I have worked on amazing teams for several small and large companies including Nike and adidas. I have also worked as a freelancer for much of that time producing many national and international projects in web design/coding, print design, identity & branding, collateral packages, brochures, posters, invitations, advertisements, photography, photo retouching, illustrations and email marketing.
I love minimalism as both a design aesthetic and as an approach to everyday life. If it doesn't add to the intended message, it doesn't belong. This fosters clean and digestible design, which is crucial for the success of your visual communication pieces. 
Please contact me for my pricing structure. I give a 50% discount to non-profits, so please reach out!
In my spare time I love the usual things: cooking, hiking with my tripod pup, yoga, reading, painting, playing guitar, camping, jumping in ice cold rivers, talking to my cats, building them intricate catios, etc.
Please contact me if you have any upcoming projects you might be interested in working on together.
I would love to help you realize your dream.
If you would like a printable resume, please download it here.